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The coffee table

When my wife and I moved in to our first house together, we inherited an older wooden coffee table from my parents.   The coffee table was covered with a shiny layer of varnish that I thought would look better naturally oiled.  My father is somewhat of a handyman when it comes to timber, so I assumed some of it had rubbed off on me.  After sanding straight through the veneer, exposing a nice bright patch of MDF, I realised it hadn’t.

So the coffee table inherited a permanent table cloth, and I started my plans for a new coffee table.  I had already successfully designed our bed, bedside cabinets and dressers – though my parents had these built by a furniture maker for our wedding – but I had yet to build my first piece of furniture.

Long story [snip] short [/snip], my father provided the timber (some nice 2″ thick macrocarpa for the top and frame, and 4″ for the legs), and I set to measuring, measuring, cutting, gluing and screwing.  Not too long (in my project-time terms), the end result:

coffee table

For those interested in the plans (sorry, they are rather bare):

Coffee table plans

I have project-itis

They say the first step is admitting the problem.

I have project-itis

There, I said it.  I have project-itis.  A need to start yet another project and leave the raft of others for a day that my attention will wander back to them.  I just can’t help myself.  My brain craves new, shiny things.  I’m a project junky.

I initially categorised it as ‘excessive-project syndrome’.  My wife (who is a scientist) says that, concisely, it should be ‘excessive-unfinished-project syndrome’, because it is the unfinished part that is the problem!  I call it project-itis, because it is friendlier.

So what do I do?  I start this blog.  Another project.

Just more proof that I have a problem…