They say the first step is admitting the problem.

I have project-itis

There, I said it. I have project-itis. A need to start yet another project and leave the raft of others for a day that my attention will wander back to them. I just can’t help myself. My brain craves new, exciting problems to solve. I’m a project junky.

I initially categorised it as ‘excessive-project syndrome’. My wife (who is a scientist) says that, concisely, it should be ‘excessive-unfinished-project syndrome’, because it is the unfinished part that is the problem! I call it project-itis, because it is friendlier.

Wooden furniture, house renovations, architecture, landscaping, scratch-built vehicles, urban personal transportation, game development, websites, microprocessor tinkering, my business

…and somewhere in there; a wife, two young kids, two cats, friends, and many hobbies!

For a (growing) list of my projects, look down the left-hand side.

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